WasBottle™ project

The Wasbottle material comes from recycled and recyclable plastic flakes and it was born in collaboration with Autogrill for the recycling and reuse of their dismessd plastic materials. Wasbottle can be milled, drilled and then accessorized and also finished with screwed components and, in the 20 mm thickness, it can also be inserted in the profiles of the Bencore doors/walls collection. It is designed for the realization of table tops, shelves, and coverings for architecture and interior design.

Wasbottle main features:

  • 1. Compactness and workability
  • 2. Low coefficient of friction
  • 3. Non-igroscopicity
  • 4. High resistance to chemical agents
  • 5. Good impact resistance
  • 6. Wide use in furniture components

Wasbottle comes in 2 variants:

  • 1) Wasbottle - PAINT (standard production)
  • 2) Wasbottle - ONE-OFF (limited edition of which 4 subheadings already exist: BLUE, RED, OPAL e WHITE. All these variants are made of 100% recyclable HPDE)

Each WasBottle panel is unique precisely because it is produced from recycled material that, although selected for its colour and quality, presents chromatic variations typical not only of the recycled raw material, but also of the wide variations in the physical/ mechanical properties and behaviors of the finished panel itself. For further information about the one-off variants of Wasbottle write to info@bencore.it.

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