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6 things you can do with bencore that you can’t do with glass

Bencore panels are light transmitting, lightweight and easy to install.
Our honeycomb technology offers designers, contractors and installers many advantages over other translucent panel alternatives.
Here, six things you can do with Bencore that you cannot do with glass.

  1. 1. Mitered Corners: Self-structural pre-fabricated mitered corners reduce labor costs and installation time, ensuring a clean, minimal aesthetic.
    You cannot do that with glass.
  2. 2. Curves, on a Budget: Curved Bencore panels weigh roughly 16% as much as glass and are easy to handle.
    We offer 10 standard radii and a low per panel curving charge.
    Curved glass is specialized, expensive and hard to handle and replace
  3. 3. Quick-build, frameless installations: Bencore panels can be fabricated on site and installed with quick, clean detailing.
    Ideal for quick-build projects such as trade show booths or pop-up displays.
    Glass typically requires joints that are visually obtrusive, time-consuming and messy to execute.
  4. 4. Cut it to accommodate systems – HVAC, sprinklers, etc.: unlike glass, Bencore panels can be cut onsite to accommodate systems such as HVAC ducts, plumbing pipes, sprinklers, and more.
  5. 5. Fabricate it onsite: you can order Bencore panels early in the construction schedule and trimmed onsite to fit.
    This eliminates the need to know field dimensions at the time of order, reduces the risk of errors and significantly benefits the project schedule.
    Glass does not offer this flexibility.
  6. 6. Carry it solo: a Bencore panel weighs approximately 42 pounds and does not flex.
    Compared to a glass sheet which is typically carried by two installers using suction cups, Bencore is light and stiff enough to be carried by a single installer, saving time and labor onsite.

Carry it solo